Excursions: Full Day
Tour Code: FD RKWEN        Elephant Day and Nature Care                                                                        7am – 5.30pm

Nature Trek in the wild elephant habitat- Elephant Riding - Bamboo Rafting-Train Ride
Jungle trekking in the protected forest which is home to Asian elephants adds to excitement and enhances your appreciation
towards nature. During the trip, contribute to forest conservation by helping forest rangers do planting in a simple but more
natural way.  Thereafter, have a good fun with elephant ride and bamboo rafting along the historical River Kwai. Fulfill your trip by
a spiritual train journey on the famous Death Railway running in parallel with the dramatic river that provides the impressive view
of the River Kwai stretch.   

    Pick up in the morning at 7am  Kanchanaburi town for the wildlife sanctuary of River Kwai valley (40 min. drive
    from town). Enjoy the picturesque scenery en-route along the River Kwai. Upon arrival, begin with a jungle trek
    into the forest. The circle trekking route runs up and down the mixed forest dominated by bamboos. There is
    an approximate 1.5 km of nature trail, footprints or other common signs such as dung piles will be observed
    as this area has usually been frequented in cool and dry season (Dec-Jan, and Mar-April) by the wild
    elephants living in the sanctuary. A viewpoint en-route provides an impressive view of the stream running
    through the mountain valley, one of the homes of wild elephants in this area. Enjoy picnic lunch amidst the
    forest serenity following a visit to the elephant camp by the River Kwai. Upon arrival at 2pm, have fun riding
    on the back of an elephant and bamboo raft down the river. At 3.40pm, you will board the historical Dealth
    Railway from Wang Poh to Tha Kilaen station upon arrival you will be met then transfer to Kanchanaburi town.
    Estimated arrival time is 5.30pm.

Tour Code: FD RKWTR  River Kwai Trishaw Challenge                                                                                     9am – 3.30pm

Highlight: A 4km trishaw competition, great activity for team building and fun

    Details: Gather for briefing on the River Kwai Trishaw Challenge at 9am. Venue located by the road behind
    Donrak Cemetery. The competition route is about 4 kms from the meeting point to Chong Kai War cemetery on
    the bank of the River Kwai. The first part of the competition is conducted by professional local trishaw riders.
    Then the competitors will carry on the riding for the rest of the route. Two stops are made en-route where
    participants will take part in the games designed to enhance and develop the relations between team
    members. Team-building activities comprise five or so different games including T-shirt screen, sack racing,
    reach-out game, green golf, balloon journey and wind power.

    Competition will end at around noon where all participants will board a 60 minutes private raft. Sit back and
    enjoy the river scenery featuring the limestone mountain range with its stunningly charming peaks. Patches of
    majestic lotus lining the riverbank add more colours and charms to this scenic route. Spot local activities of
    the local people living on the riverside. Tour ends at around 3.30pm

    Apart from T-shirt screen activity (included in the package), batik painting (on cotton cloth or
    T-shirt), and other art activities can be arranged with extra charge upon request. Team building activities can
    also be adjusted to suite the client’s demand.

    Fee for trishaw and professional riders (two clients per trishaw)
    Rally-base games (5 games) and related items concerned including T-shirt screen
    1 banner and rally flags with a customer's name
    Leisure cruise with private rafthouse (60 minutes)
    Snacks and ice cream on board        
    First aid and security services provided by professional nurses and traffic police
    English-speaking guides and field staff
    Drinking water and cool towels
    Insurance (Bt1 million per head)
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