2 Day Excursions: Ex River Kwai
Tour Code: 1NRKWSE        River Kwai Serenity                                                                                          (2 Days /1 Night)   

Begin the tour with an approximately 3.30 hours leisure cruise from River Kwai to Mae Klong, passing by local villages and
temples. Enjoy moonlight celebration on the deck. Wake up with a morning sunrise over the awakening river, visit local fruit
orchards and point of interest. End the tour wih an hour of traditional Thai body massage.

    Day 1  River Kwai – Mae Klong
    The tour will begin at 4pm; pick up from the bridge over the River Kwai where you will enjoy a leisure cruise
    from River Kwai to Mae Klong. Alongside rivers banks are pleasant sights of typically colorful raft houses and
    the scenic river views with its magnificent limestone mountain backdrop. You might spot local activities along
    the way with children bathing or playing on the banks. Be impressed with the carpet like majestic lotus
    spreading over a vast area by the riverbank. Sip a drink on the sun deck of your cruise’s raft house and savour
    the panorama of the great river at dusk. Fresh Thai Dinner will be served on board. Enjoy a nighttime
    celebration on the deck under the moonlight while cruising closer to Mae Klong Dam on the river stretch.
    Enjoy a night stay amid the river serenity.

    Day 2  Mae Klong – River Kwai
    Wake up with fresh air and morning sights of the sunrise over the quite river. Enjoy fresh breeze and
    impressive scenes of local activities. Breakfast will be served on board following with a long – tailed boat
    tour & a 800 meters walk route through local villages and fruits orchards to the Buddhist temples of Tham Sua
    and Tham Khao Noi. Cable cars services are available. Once on top of the Thai pagodas enjoy a fascinating
    view of the rice fields over vast area of Mae Klong basin. Return to cruise and enjoy a one hour complimentary
    traditional Thai body massage + hot herbal ball compress. After lunch, you will be transferred back to River
    Kwai, estimated arrival time is 2pm.

Tour Code: 1NRKWWE        Wild Elephant and Erawan Discovery                                                         (2Days/1Night)

Are you intrigued by wild life? This tour takes you to the country’s most important natural habitats of wild elephants. This is a
wildlife discovery trip with its education attributes enables the nature and elephant lovers to obtain both comprehensive
knowledge and unforgettable experience with knowledgeable local people involving in the elephant conservation in this area.
Jungle trek and site survey on the nature trails in this highly significant wildlife habitat give the tourists a rare opportunity to
observe wild elephant’s footprints or other common signs indicating the presence of the elephants believed to dwell in a herd of
up to 80 individuals in this forest alone.

    Day 1         Jungle trek off-road journey by 4x4WD vehicle, nature observations, jungle stay
    Pick up at 8am  in Kanchanaburi town for the wildlife sanctuary of River Kwai valley (40 min. drive from town).
    Enjoy the picturesque scenery en-route along the River Kwai. Upon arrival, begin with a jungle trek into the
    forest. The circle trekking route runs up and down the mixed forest dominated by bamboos. There is an
    approximate 1.5 km of nature trail, footprints or other common signs such as dung piles will be observed as
    this area has usually been frequented in cool and dry season (Dec-Jan, and Mar-April) by the wild elephants
    living in the sanctuary. A viewpoint en-route provides an impressive view of the stream running through the
    mountain valley, one of the homes of wild elephants in this area. Enjoy picnic lunch amidst the forest
    serenity following a trek down to the dirt track through the bamboo-dominant forest. Pick up at around 1pm by
    a 4x4WD vehicle and set off for an off-beaten track journey into the jungle campsite also considered as a
    feeding area for wild elephants. In dry season, it is likely to have a direct sighting of elephants feeding on
    vegetations or playing in the stream. The biggest herd of elephants ever seen along this stream comprises up
    to 40 individuals. Bu 2.30pm, reach the forest protection unit surrounded by the “hunting-field-cum-the
    conservation area.” The minimum number habitat of wild elephant live in this wildlife sanctuary is estimated
    to be 80, while there are about 10 elephants that livein the adjoining Erawan national park. Break for
    Coffee/tea at 3pm and continue on with a walk into the mixed deciduous forest. Learn about elephant related
    issues through the existence of their feeding habitats including mineral licks, natural ponds, swampy area,
    glass land, and their natural playground. Observations of the footprints of large mammals such as elephants,
    gaur, deer, banteng, and tigers or leopard are conducted. Return to the campsite at 5pm and take a couple of
    hours at leisure, Thai dinner in the natural serenity is served.

    Day 2           Jungle trek, Off-beaten track journey, Erawan National Park
    Begin the morning with a jungle trek to the hilltop via the bamboo forest full of elephant signs.
    Arrive on the hilltop at 7.30am; enjoy the stunningly panoramic view of the elephant habitat over a vast area
    of the River Kwai valley, breakfast will be served at 8.30am following a walk back to the campsite and prepare
    to check out at 10am. Depart the campsite by 4x4WD vehicle onwards to Erawan National Park. Picnic lunch
    will be served at the national park at noon following a hike on the nature trail running in parallel with the
    stunningly impressive waterfall. The total route to the top level of the waterfall is about 1.5 km; it takes
    about 3 hours to complete the route from the 1st to 7th levels. The upper stretch of the trail is quite steep at
    some points but it is really rewarding to climb up to the top where stunning cliffs that are more than 100 m
    high, awaits. Prepare to drive back to Kanchanaburi town, estimated arrival time is 5pm.
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