Bangkok Half Day Excursions
Tour Code: HDBGE                 Grand Palace & the Temple of the Emerald Buddha   
The City's landmark was the residence of the Kings of Thailand. The Palace was built in 1782 by King Rama I, consists of several buildings
with highly decorated architectural details. The Palace is now used for royal ceremonies and state functions. The Royal chapel Wat Phra
Kaeo, which is in the same compound that houses the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand. A small image of green
stone, 75cm high, the Emerald Buddha has come down the Thai history as the principal Buddha image of the nation. The Temple of the
Emerald Buddha is world-renown for its multi-chrome, gilded pavilions, stupas with glittering spires and fanciful mythical figures. Among
the attractions inside the temple are classical mural paintings along the inner walls done by the Thai master painter depicting the whole
Ramayana epic. The visitor should also see the complete replica of the Khemer Angkor Wat done in sandstone. Note: Proper dress: no
shorts, singlets, spaghetti straps or sandals with no backs.

Tour Code: HDBTC                Temples and City Tour                                              
This is the ideal introduction to Thailand, Buddhism and the Thai people. Visit to three of the most popular temples in the capital. Temple
of the Golden Buddha features a three meter high solid Buddha, weighing 5.5 tons. The temple is located right in the heart of Chinatown in
Bangkok. Temple of the Reclining Buddha is the oldest and largest temple of Bangkok was built nearly 200 years ago and houses the
enormous Reclining Buddha. The temple was regarded as Thailand’s first university where the Thai traditional medicine and traditional
massage sessions and other subjects are available within the compound of this temple. The Marble Temple is famous for its traditional
architecture built in marble from Italy. The temple houses the most beautiful bronze Buddha’s image (the facial expression of perfect
tranquility and inner peace). The visitor can observe bronze Buddha images in different position displayed within the temple compound.

Tour Code: HDBFM                Floating Market in Bangkok  with Wat Arun           
Also known as a klong (canal) tour because there is no longer any active or genuine floating market due to the modernization of Bangkok.
The trip starts early morning to take a long-tailed speed boat or big express passenger boat along the Chao Phyra River. Proceed to the
west bank of the river then turn into small canals, attraction of this trip is the scenery along both side of the river: the contrast between
high modern buildings and small typical Thai houses along the river. Beautiful Buddhist temples are also located along both banks of the
river. The trip can include a stop Wat Arun or the Royal Barge Museum. This klong tour can also be done in the late morning or early
afternoon. It is one of the most interesting and fun-filled ways of exploring Bangkok. The short trip on the Chao Phyra River or along any of
the numerous klongs (canals) that criss-cross the city will give fascinating glimpse of the bustling and vital life cantered on Bangkok’s
waterways. River tripping is one of the oldest and coolest forms of local travel and can come as a welcome respite from the heat and
congestion of Bangkok streets.

Tour Code:  HDBRG                Rose Garden & Thai Village Show        
The Rose Garden Cultural Centre comprises a large area of the resort that has been developed into a typical Thai village. Here you will see
villagers in their natural habitat, working to create traditional village handicrafts. Silk-weaving, pottery making, umbrella painting, khon
mask making, mat weaving, doll making, fruit carving, garland making, rice pounding, even the intricate crafting of silver and lacquer ware.
You will also see impressive displays of Thai period costumes and the busy everyday activities of a typical Thai market as well as different
styles of Thai houses from the North to the South and an intriguing display of antiques from various parts of Thailand. These and many
more fascinating aspects of Thai village life are depicted and a wide range of gifts and souvenirs are available to remind you of your visit.

Tour Code: HDBJT                Jim Thompson's House
The late Jim Thompson, a famous American World War 2 veteran, was the founder of the Thai silk and cotton industry. He made the fabric
world renowned as a fashion fabric for haute couture, and settled down to live as a native. He built his famous Thai home by genuine parts
taken from several old upcountry houses. The traditional layout of the interior and the overall compound had religiously been followed,
down to the freely grown tropical garden plants on the ground. Having travelled widely in Asia, Thompson had built an outstanding
collection of rare artefacts of Asia in general and Thailand in particular. Thompson disappeared without a trace in Malaysia during the
70s. His home where he used to entertain the likes of Somerset Maugham is now administered by a foundation.

Tour Code: HDBNM                The National Museum
The museum, opened in1928, is the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia, and houses major collections of pre-historic and Buddhist art.
Thailand’s artistic treasures of Ban Chiang, Dvaravati, Lopburi, Sukhothai, Ayuthaya and Ratanakosin periods are of particular interest. A
historical landmark itself, the museum was originally the palace of the Deputy King of Thailand. The old palace, built in 1782, contains the
ethnological exhibits, including elephant’s kowdahs, royal furnishings, weapons, and porcelain and funeral chariots.The Buddhaisawan
Chapel in the museum grounds contains well preserved murals depicting the life of Buddha and the second most important Buddha image
in Thailand – the Phra Buddha Sihing.

Tour Code: HDBAC                The Ancient City
The only open museum in Thailand. The Ancient City (Muang Boran) is located 33km east of Bangkok along the old Sukhumvit Road. This is
an open air exhibition of precise replicas of historic and cultural buildings and the structures from all parts of Thailand. On a 200-acre plot
of land, the prime historical attractions in Thailand can be found here. Famous temples, castles, stupas, etc are laid out according to their
geographical locations on the map. A driveway winds through the vast compound passing all the exhibits which visitors can view from the
comfort of their cruising cars, or step down to tour the inside of any individual exhibits at will. The main attraction is the magnificent
replica of Sri Sanpetch Prasat, the most beautiful building of the Ayuthaya period, which was burnt by the Burmese. It is painstakingly
rebuilt here from the long research through historical documents. Many of the beautiful sites of Thailand, which have already
disappeared, can also be found here like a real place.

Tour Code: HDBRC                Rice Barge Cruise
This is another interesting trip along the waterways in Bangkok. Commencing with a cruise along the river and canals by motor launched
then board a comfortable converted Rice Barge slowly towed by motorboat along the canal to see the nice scenery along both side of the
canals during the late afternoon where 10 tropical of in season, peanuts and welcome drinks are served. Soft music and open bar system
on board the boat assures you a pleasant journey through the late afternoon. Sunset Cruise - The hour-long sunset cruise starts from
about 5:30p and cruises up the Chao Phyra River. The cruise passes the majestically-lit Wat Arun and Grand Palace. Dinner Cruise - There
are a number of river cruises which offers this dinner cruise along the Chao Phyra River. The cruise takes about 2.5 hrs and the highlight of
this programme is when the cruise passes the beautifully lit up Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald

Tour Code: HDBVP                Vimanmek Palace (Golden Teakwood Palace)
The largest teakwood building in existence, the four stories high Vimanmek Palace was built by King Rama V (the grandfather of the
present King) as a suburban palace around the end of the 19th century. The tall wooden building overlooking a beautiful reflecting pool is
airy and spacious. Here is where King Rama V, one of Thailand’s most beloved monarchs and the first Thai King to go on state visits to
Europe, came to relax from the arduous tasks of building the national infrastructures and the stress of steering the country clear from the
gasping paws of the rampant colonialism. The palace was restored by the royal command of Her Majesty the Queen and opened to public
viewing. Besides the fully furnished palace in the style of those days on exhibits, there are several collections of rare paintings, jewellery
sets and exquisite chinaware, some by famous artists and master
craftsmen of Europe in the late 19th century.

Tour Code: HDBSP                Suan Pakard Palace
The palace was opened to public by the late Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga. A prominent patroness of fine arts and archaeology; she
passed away in 1987. The princess was also the founder of Thailand’s foremost public art gallery, the Bhirasri Institute which is the
principal venue for public exhibitions of all forms of artistic expressions: paintings, sculptures, dramatic arts, etc. At Suan Pakard Palace,
the princess had set up one of the most impressive collections of Thai objects, arts and artefacts. The palace ground also bears testimony
to the exquisite taste of the princess, who was an amateur botanist. Inside the compound of the palace, lush shrubberies and graceful
trees borders the expansive, undulating lawn which leads to shimmering lotus ponds. Dignified teak mansions, built high on sturdy teak
columns, as lived by Thais of noble birth, stand unobtrusively in tree groves.

Tour Code: HDBBS                Bangsai Support Centre
A centre set up under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen to provide training facilities for the farming families to develop handicraft
skills to earn supplementary income. The products from here are sold to Chitralada.

Tour Code: HDBCH                Chatuchak Weekend Market
This market covers several acres, with stalls erected Friday to Sundays only and sells literally everything from blue and white pottery and
“antiques” to plants, food, clothes, animals, puppets,  basket ware, furniture … A fascinating scene for residents, tourists and bargain
hunters alike. Wear old shoes, take a large shopping bag, and steer your children well clear of the pet section, unless you want to get stuck
there as well.

Tour Code: HDBPK                Pak Klong Talad (Flower Market)
Located at the foot of the Rama I bridge near Chinatown. This is a wholesale market of fruits, vegetable and flowers, this extremely
colourful with all kind of local flowers, orchids, and many others. The market is very active from midnight until noon of the next day. Note:
This tour can be arranged as an evening tour to avoid the heat.
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