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    Bangkok City and Thai Country Journeys
    Bangkok can be all things to all people. Essentially a paradox in its blend of old and new, of traditional Oriental splendor overlaid with
    modern Western façade, the Thai capital defies easy definition. Yet the inescapable fact is that the city is ultimately  enchanting.

    Bangkok offers a wealth of temples and palaces flanking with bustling nightlife and street markets. Few cities in the world fire the
    imagination with exotic images like Bangkok. Ornate palaces that host royal processions, Buddhist temples that witness monks
    chanting ancient sutras, serpentine canals that lead to a maze of water markets, bazaars that never sleep - all have long proved a
    powerful magnet for travelers.

    Cruising The River of Kings - Chao Phya River
    With the profusion of canals and temples, Bangkok was given the name Venice of the East. Life along the river has become an
    inseparable part of the Thai lifestyle.

    Today, traveling along the canals and river is the best way to witness a part of traditional lifestyle that is fast vanishing. Board a
    chartered private boat and cruise up the river passing major landmarks of Bangkok like Wat Kalayanmitr, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn),
    the headquarters of the Royal Navy, and the compound of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew.  During the boat ride you will notice
    many active piers with people waiting for shuttle boats to bring them across the river to Bangkok.
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