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About the Owner:
Khun Kasemsak Bhamornsatit (Pong) has been involved in the travel
industry for over 30yrs. Khun Pong started his career working with
NGOs, airlines, film and in the hospitality industry in Thailand.
Through his contact with travellers, working with and assisting them in
Thailand, Khun Pong started to see Thailand through their eyes and
realized that  his homeland really is “Amazing Thailand”.

In 1992, Khun Pong decided to start Trikaya with the goal of showing
the real Thailand to visiting tourist. A deeply spiritual man, Khun Pong
decided that the philosophy of Trikaya is that Thailand is our home
and our clients our Guests
“I want people to see the real Thailand, not just the shops and generic
tours, but to experience it”
With this in mind, Trikaya have created partnerships with hotels and
expedition operators to create quality unique programs that will
highlight Thailand’s wonders for our guest.
Trikaya Cultural & Academic Travel Services is base in Bangkok. Our head office consist of tour coordinators who are
professional travel experts ready to design your travel arrangements. We have our own fleet of vehicles ranging from
small sedan, van to buses ready to cater to all kind of groups sizes.
Our licensed tour guides are multi-lingual and only know how to host our guest, Thai Style.

Trikaya Cultural & Academic Travel Services has representatives in Singapore, Philippines and North America. Contact us
for any enquiries and get ready for your one-of-a-kind travel experience.
    Trikaya Cultural & Academic Travel Services (established in 1993), is a boutique travel company focused
    on providing academic travel and special interest tours for individuals and groups. Our mission is to design
    and offer authentic and deeply cultural travel experiences for discerning travellers.
    We take pride in our tailor-make  trips for groups of friends, family and colleagues. Whether you are a
    interest traveller, culinary enthusiast, academic organization, religious leader, wellness & fitness
    professional; our corporate program, provides creative solutions for corporate hospitality, incentive trips,
    personal and executive retreats.
"Thailand is our home. And like every home, we want our guest to leave with a positive experience.”